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What is periodontology?

The branch of dentistry that primarily deals with the health of the supporting apparatus of the teeth (gingiva, periodontium, cementum, bone). The most common disease of dental apparatus is periodontal disease, which is know in the general population as periodontitis from which a large percentage of patients suffer, without most of them even being aware of it.

It is a disease that begins asymptomatically or with mild symptoms and does not cause major difficulties until the advanced stage when the patient begins to notice the problem.

The cause of the disease lies in poor oral hygiene, which leads to chronic inflammation of the gums, which, if left untreated for a long time, spreads to the bone, which recedes and the teeth gain mobility over time, and sometimes the tooth itself is lost.

Why is timely diagnosis important?

This is why timely diagnosis and therapy are very important, and time is extremely important. The earlier the disease is detected and treatment begins, the greater are the chances of success. Of course, as with all other diseases, prevention is the best medicine.

The treatment begins with initial periodontal therapy, which includes scraping and polishing the roots of the teeth with regular controls in order to maintain the state. By scraping and polishing the roots, we get a clean and smooth surface that makes it harder for bacteria to adhere to. Antibiotic therapy is not necessary and is determined individually, and is applied only when the bacterial build-up has been mechanically removed.

After the initial therapy is completed, there is a phase of supportive therapy (so-called recall) in which the most important thing is the patient’s motivation and willingness to maintain good oral hygiene and regular check-ups. The patient’s cooperation and motivation are a very important factor in the success of periodontal therapy.

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