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Oral diseases

Oral diseases

The mouth is a mirror that reflects our overall health. A person’s general state of health is manifested by clinical signs and symptoms on the oral mucosa. Diseases of certain organs on the mucous membrane of the oral cavity are manifested by specific signs, symptoms or characteristic localization. It is important to notice any change in the oral mucosa in time. That is why it is very important to do a complete examination of the tongue, sublingual area, buccal mucosa, palate and salivary glands. Patients often report bad breath as one of the symptoms of pathological changes in the mouth, but it may be related to the condition of the stomach.
Ulcers on the mucous membrane caused by a fungal, viral or bacterial infection are successfully treated with anti-inflammatory drugs.
One of the frequent symptoms is dry mouth, which can be related to systemic diseases or as a side effect of taking certain medications.
Precancerous conditions and cancer of the oral cavity itself can be detected by regular and comprehensive examinations at an early stage when treatment is more successful.
Our office cooperates with Lidija Cigić, DDM, a specialist in oral diseases, who greatly helps us in the diagnosis and therapy of oral diseases.

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