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Dental prosthetics

Dental prosthetics

Dental prosthetics is a branch of dental medicine that replaces lost or worn teeth to improve chewing function. We distinguish removable and fixed prosthetics. Removable prosthetics replaces teeth with dentures which can be taken off. They can be partial or full. Depending on the indication, the materials used are different. Acrylate and metal are most often used. Fixed prosthetics includes dental replacements that cannot be removed.

1. A crown is a fixed prosthetic replacement that is placed on an individual tooth, and is made of several types of materials: acrylate, composite, metal-ceramic, zircon ceramic.

2. Dental bridges fill spaces where teeth have been extracted. For them to be placed, it is necessary to grind the adjacent teeth and bridge the toothless space. Bridges and crowns are made of several types of materials depending on function and aesthetics.

When the patient has few natural teeth left, there is a possibility to make the so-called combined system that includes a fixed part (dental bridge) and a removable part (dentures) on which there are special connections that connect the bridge to the removable denture. Both parts function as a whole that provides the patient with the feeling of a fixed system.

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