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Aesthetic dentistry

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is becoming an increasingly popular dental procedure. Healthy and white teeth are the dream of every individual. Various coloured foods, consumption of coffee, carbonated juices and smoking cause discolouration of the enamel. In our office, we offer the possibility of professional whitening (in the office) and home whitening with splints. In home whitening, the patient receives a splint made according to the impression of his teeth and a whitening gel containing 16% carbamide peroxide. With the regular supervision of a dental doctor, the patient achieves the desired shade of teeth.


Veneers are one of the most requested procedures in aesthetic dentistry. A gentle procedure with minimal grinding and placement of a prosthetic restoration on the front visible surface of the tooth, which changes the shape and colour of the tooth. Thanks to ceramics, the tooth has a natural look and shine. This procedure is often done in combination with teeth whitening. If they are placed in the front region, the rest of the teeth are whitened first, so the colour of the veneers is adjusted to the newly obtained lighter colour of the teeth, which gives an even better result of the overall treatment. At the end of the treatment, a soft splint is made that will protect your teeth as well as the new veneers so that they last as long as possible.

Teeth cleaning and polishing

Teeth scaling includes the removal of all deposits on the teeth: tartar, plaque and pigmentation from food and drinks. If accumulated tartar is not removed regularly, it can lead to gingivitis, periodontitis, and even tooth loss. Since tartar is actually a mineralized plaque, we can largely prevent its deposition with good oral hygiene. After removing tartar, it is important to polish the teeth so that the tooth surface is smooth and therefore less susceptible to the accumulation of new plaque.

Composite injection technique

This technique of achieving smile aesthetics without grinding teeth is a good and less invasive alternative to dental veneers. An anatomical impression of the patient’s jaw is taken, then the resulting tooth model is shaped with wax into the desired shape and size, and a transparent silicone splint is made into which liquid composite is injected. Finishing and polishing improves the aesthetics of the patient’s smile.

Teeth sandblasting

Sandblasting is one of the teeth cleaning techniques that uses powder particles in a stream of water to remove pigmentation that cannot be removed by brushing, leaving the surface of the teeth smooth and clean. Various flavours (menthol, chocolate…) are often added to the powder to make the procedure as pleasant as possible for the patient. Sandblasting and scaling are procedures that are necessary immediately before teeth whitening.

Aesthetic composite fillings

White composite fillings are substitutes for minor dental defects caused by cavities or trauma. Due to their white colour, they restore a natural and highly aesthetic appearance of the tooth.
Why is a white composite filling a better choice than a black amalgam filling?
Black fillings contain a large amount of various metals, the mechanism of attachment to the tooth is mechanical, and when placing fillings, it is necessary to grind away more dental tissue, unlike white fillings, where only cavity-affected tissue is removed during placement, and they are attached to the tooth with a chemical bond.

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